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By Dr. Robert Muller, Chancellor, University for Peace in Costa Rica

Let me tell you how I would inform people of this planet in the light of my years of experience at the United Nations and offer you a world framework which could underlie all forms of media, including print and broadcast, which I would like to see adopted by the media. As we do in the United Nations, where all basic human knowledge, concerns, efforts, and aspirations converge, I would organize such a framework, i.e., the lifelong objectives of media and information, around the following categories:

  • Our Planetary Home and Place in the Universe
  • Our Human Family; Human Groupings
  • Our Place in Time

The Miracle of Individual Human Life.

The framework allows us to present our planetary and universal knowledge to all people, and particularly to children, in a simple, beautiful way. We can now give people a breathtaking view of the beauty and teeming, endless richness of Creation as has never been possible before. It should make them glad to be alive and to be human. It should also prepare them with excitement for the vast number of new professions which have arisen from that tremendous knowledge. What will be important in such a framework is the dynamic aspect of the relations between humanity and our planet: we now have good inventories; we know the elements of the great evolutionary problems confronting us, but we barely stand at the beginning of the planetary management phase of human history: demographic options; resources management; environmental protection; conflict resolution; the attainment of peace, justice, and progress for all; the fulfillment of human life and happiness in space and time. The U.N. and its specialized agencies offer the first examples of attempts at global management in all these fields and must therefore occupy a cardinal place in the world framework for the media.

The media is basically teaching the miracle of life, the art of living and of human fulfillment, within our current knowledge of space and time, and makes each of us feel like an expanded being, aggrandized by the vastness of our knowledge which now reaches far into the infinitely large and the infinitely small, and from the distant past to the future. It makes each human being feel proud to be a member of a transformed species whose eyesight, hearing, hands, legs, and brain have been multiplied a thousand times by telescopes, microscopes, radio, machines, means of transportation, and computers. Knowledge, peace, happiness, goodness, and fully conscious, meaningful, responsible lives—these must be the objectives of the media to make us healthy, living cells, right servers of the planet, and of the universe.

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