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Belonging To Mother Earth

Belonging to Mother Earth is part of an overall plan to create and develop a long term commitment to enable Indigenous peoples everywhere to be heard by each other, and the world; providing the opportunity to share their enduring wisdom and healing with the rest of humankind in a significant way. This event is planned as one of the most extraordinary and memorable gatherings of action at the close of the millennium. It is a way to get beyond the deep hurts and outrageous mistakes of the past, beyond the distrust and anger, and create a bridge for true understanding and real cooperation. Healing will take place on personal and collective levels - including physical, mental, spiritual, cross cultural, environmental, and planetary healing.

The conference consists of several related parts: ceremonies and rituals, plenary sessions with keynote speakers, workshops with facilitators, seminars with presenters, and panels with panelists of diverse backgrounds. There will also be healing circles, traditional ceremonies and rituals both ancient and modern and many, many opportunities for informal exchange in talking circles. Groups, formal and informal, and receptions will round out the gathering exchange.

A cooperative working sponsorship has been formed between the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE), the Institute of Global Education (IGE), and Radio For Peace International (RFPI) in partnership with numerous Indigenous Nations such as the Maori in New Zealand, the Yupik in Alaska, the Cherokee and more than 100 others - working to create and produce this incredible gathering. Dr. F. Richard Schneider is the Executive Director of the conference.

Radio For Peace International will broadcast live from the conference site and do extensive pre-conference programming. A new program- Indigenous Voices Communications Project - will come out of the conference and will become part of RFPI.

A traditional and contemporary concert of Indigenous musicians from around the world will reach out to include the general public, and a special sacred concert will close the conference.

The purpose of the conference is exemplified by Dr. Arvol Looking Horse, Nineteenth Generation Keeper of the Sacred Buffalo Calf Pipe of the Lakota Nation. He will lead the ancient "Mending of the Hoop of All Nations" ritual for healing among the peoples of the planet.

A specially designed program will be held with children ages 7-11 and another with youth ages 12-16. Indigenous and all other children and youth are encouraged to attend.

An arts and crafts show, an indigenous art exhibit, and special cultural exhibits and programs will highlight the diversity, depth, and creativity of Indigenous contributions to the world.

An extraordinary Pow Wow conducted by the several Indian groups in the local area will be open to all participants on Saturday, October 10.

Conference registration and participation is open to everyone. Opportunity is given to sponsor an Indigenous participant or child from another part of the world.

It is time to mark your calendars to attend this once in a lifetime experience. Write to our Oregon address for registration materials: P.O. Box 20728, Portland, OR 97294 or e-mail info@rfpi.org

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