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Thanks to Visionary Support, RFPI is Strong and Growing

Each of the program producers, or their financial supporters, that has supported RFPI during the last eleven years with air-time contributions is truly visionary--and we thank you! This income has made it possible for RFPI to fulfill the original dream and be ready to face the opportunities of the future.

RFPI's revolutionary policies are often misunderstood: Why should one program producer have to give an airtime contribution when another doesn't ? In terms of the capitalistic global exchange economy that isn't fair. However, there are no free lunches and there is no free airtime. Someone supports every hour of the broadcast day and night. If a program isn't providing airtime support because it is not financially possible, that means RFPI and its Friends are subsidizing the broadcast.

RFPI has always strived to have excellent programming on the air, whether or not it is financially possible for that program to pay for airtime. We don't want to (and never have) made programming decisions solely on the basis of money. We have chosen not to use the conventional media models of pay for play, or advertising support. Yet the station needs to pay the electricity bill that seems to come in regularly, like it or not.

Everyone has something they can give, even when it is not money -- advertising space in a newsletter, free subscriptions to a publication for gifts in a membership campaign, etc. Everyone has to think about their budget, also.

So RFPI would like to recognize and applaud all those who have understood, believed in, and supported the RFPI vision -- the people who have made a difference, often whether they could really "afford" to or not. Everyone needs to realize they can't afford not to!

These visionaries have made it matter that RFPI is important as a unique media voice in the world -- it mattered to them that RFPI made it and stayed on the air; it mattered to them that dedicated pioneering people worked here and also needed to eat and care for families. You are the visionaries who have taken this journey together with us and we appreciate your vision helping to make our vision possible, and the collective vision of a better world for all.


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