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Back to VISTA Library Far Right Radio Review

by Joe Bernard

With the beginning of fall and the end of vacations, picnics, trips to the beach, and other outdoor activities, many of you will be returning to your shortwave radio where RFPI will welcome you back once again to its wonderful world of fresh ideas, seldom heard perspectives, and thought-provoking programming.

You'll still find your favorite programs here addressing a broad spectrum of topics which help you become an informed, conscientious, and powerful tool for social change.

A Public Affair, RFPI's latest offering intended to stimulate your cerebral taste buds, is hosted by Esty Dinur and produced at WORT-FM in Madison, Wisconsin where Esty has been involved in various capacities for many years. Her show features discussions of international issues, women's and children's issues, media and propaganda, covert actions/government secrecy, and the environment...The 'spin' is political and alternative, the guest is usually the sort of expert mainstream media shun, and the views presented are many times those of marginalized people. Local listener call-ins are central to the show. For some of the best in interactive radio, tune in to A Public Affair here weekly Wednesdays at 0000, Thursdays 1700, and Fridays at 0100 & 0900.

We are also pleased to announce the acquisition of Bruderhof Radio. Bruderhof --a pacifist, Christian community-- actively works for social justice around the world. Strongly opposing capital punishment, they have serious concerns about the effectiveness of the U.S. criminal justice system. They also actively support the oppressed in countries such as Iraq, Cuba, Mexico, Northern Ireland, and the U.S. For example, recent programs have looked at the great suffering caused by the U.S. embargoes against Cuba and Iraq, and the effect of U.S.-backed military operations on the peasants of Chiapas, Mexico. Future editions promise to include regular interviews with, and commentaries from, political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal who, as many of you know, is facing the death penalty for a crime he steadfastly maintains he never committed -- the killing of a Philadelphia police officer.

Bruderhof Radio airs the first Monday of each month at 19:30 with plans to expand to a weekly edition in the near future.

Indescribably different, is how James and Debra Latham characterize the brand new hour-long RFPI-produced show called Millennium Dreams. Designed to be informational, entertaining, and enlightening, James and Debra (and occasionally other RPFI staff) reminisce about RFPI's past, chat about current events, and dream about our future. Tune in weekly on Monday, 2000 and Friday 0000 for a one-of-a-kind inside look at RFPI and the people, activities, and dreams that make this station possible.

This quarter, the Institute of Global Educations University of the Air brings you "Problem Solving With the 13 Laws of Dominoes" with Anna Mitchell. The course will present new methods and techniques for solving everyday problems and challenges.

Watch for an air-time change for Alternative Radio -- moving from UTC Monday, 2000 to Sunday, 1700. We trust this new day and time (now two hours earlier than ever before) will allow you even greater access to one of the best shows of its kind anywhere. Your comments on the new airtime or program content are always welcomed.

In closing, we wish you good friends, joyful living, crystal-clear reception and, as always--Peace!

Radio For Peace International
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