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Global Community Forum Update

by Brad Heavner, October 1996

With the explosive growth of extreme right-wing programming on shortwave, the medium's only response to this remarkable phenomenon has experienced some growth as well. After over two years of producing half-hour studio editions of the Far Right Radio Review, RFPI began producing the program live for an hour per week on April 23rd. Each edition features an interview with an activist or researcher working in an area of concern, followed by presentation of research conducted at the station and calls from listeners. At the beginning of July, this was expanded into a new program, the Global Community Forum , produced live each Tuesday and Thursday evening.

While this amount of airtime certainly does not equal that of the scapegoating reactionaries on other stations, it has clearly had a profound effect. We are pleased to be able to provide a forum in which progressive issues can be discussed by both renowned scholars and the wide variety of people who make up the shortwave listening community. We are proud to report the following list of guests on our program in its first four months.

23 Apr 96: Ken Toole, Director, Montana Human Rights Network Topic: The radical right in Montana. P.O. Box 1222, Helena, MT 59624; 406-442-5506, mhrn@aol.com

30 Apr 96: Skipp Porteus, Director, Institute for First Amendment Studies Topic: The religious right's threat to our freedoms. P.O. Box 589, Great Barrington, MA 01230; 413-528-3800, ifas@berkshire.net

7 May: Lucinda Wykle, Communications Director, INFACT Topic: Their boycott of the tobacco giants. 56 Hanover St., Boston, MA 02113; 617-742-4583

14 May: Michael Novick, Director, People Against Racist Terror (PART) Topic: The hypocrisy of the 'Patriot' movement. P.O. Box 1055, Culver City, CA 90232; 310-288-5003, mnovickttt@igc.apc.org

21 May: Bill Wassman, Executive Director, Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harrassment Topic: Militias in the Northwest. P.O. Box 16776, Seattle, WA 98116; 206-233-9136

28 May: Dan Barry, Director, Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research (CLEAR) Topic: 'Wise Use' groups. 1718 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20009; 202-667-6982, clear@ewg.org, www.ewg.org

4 June: Gregg Johnson, Denver Representative, American Friends Service Committee Topic: Right-wing influences in Colorado.

11 June: Angela Lowry, Research Assistant, Klanwatch Topic: The burnings of black churches. 400 Washington Ave., Montgomery, AL 36104

18 June: Doug Henwood, Editor & Publisher, Left Business Observer Topic: Radical activism toward just economics. 250 W. 85 St., New York, NY 10024; 212-874-4020, dhenwood@panix.com , www.panix.com/~dhenwood/ LBO_home.html

25 June: Doug Henwood, part 2.

2 July: John Stauber, Executive Director, Center for Media & Democracy Topic: The public relations industry. 3318 Gregory St., Madison, WI 53711; 608-233-3346, 74250.735@compuserve.com

4 July: Paul Kleit, Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Media Watch Topic: Biases in the media. Box 18858, Denver, CO 80218; 303-832-7558

9 July: No interview; discussion of jamming (which disappeared the following day).

11 July: Paul Kneisel, Originator, Vote NO Campaign Topic: Neo-Nazi organizing via the Internet. tallpaul@nyc.pipeline.com

16 July: Chester Hartman, Executive Director, Poverty & Race Research Action Council Topic: The relationship between poverty and race. 1711 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 207, Washington, DC 20009; 202-387-9887, prrac@aol.com

18 July: David Lethbridge, Director, Salmon Arm Coalition Against Racism Topic: Attacks by the far-right. 1481 Okanagan Ave., NE, Salmon Arm, BC, Canada V1E 1N5; 604-832-6678

23 July: Christine Pratt, Reporter, The Tico Times Topic: Planned assault weapons importation into the United States. Apdo. 4632, San Josť, Costa Rica; +506/222-8952, ttimes@sol.racsa.co.cr

25 July: Steven Hill, West Coast Director, Center for Voting & Democracy Topic: Proportional representation voting systems. P.O. Box 170643, San Francisco, CA 94117; 415-751-4474, shill@igc.org, www.igc.org/cvd

30 July: Douglass Calvin, Associate Director, DC Student Coalition Against Racism Topic: The battle against racism. P.O. Box 18291, Washington, DC 20036; 202-310-2930, dcscar@igc.org

1 Aug: Matthew Domer, Coordinator, National Commission on Capital Punishment Topic: The death penalty. Route 213, Rifton, NY 12471; 914-658-8351, rifton@mhv.net, www.bruderhof.org/issue s/deathpen/nccp

6 Aug: Suzanne Pharr, Founder, Women's Project Topic: The Promise Keepers. 1423 NE 28th St., Portland, OR 97232; 503-335-3369

8 Aug: No interview; clips from shortwave broadcaster William Cooper.

13 Aug: Megan Day, Executive Director, Citizens Project Topic: The Religious Right's influence in the '96 elections. P.O. Box 2085, Colorado Springs, CO 80901; 719-520-9899, www.databahn.net/freedom/

15 Aug: Noah Chandler, Research Assistant, Center for Democratic Renewal Topic: Burning black churches. P.O. Box 50469, Atlanta, GA 30302; 404-221-0025, cdr@igc.org

20 Aug: Kevin Sanders, Director of Special Projects, War & Peace Foundation Topic: The legality of nuclear weapons. 32 Union Square East, New York, NY 10003; 212-777-4210, warpeace@interport.net, www.interport.net/~warpeace

Beyond having a healthy discussion of the issues, we also encourage our listeners to take part in the activities of the organizations with which we are affiliated. We strongly endorse the groups whose spokespeople we invite onto the program.

The growing movement of individuals and organizations working for social and environmental justice has often been criticized for being disjointed. Anti-nuclear activists have not done well at aligning themselves with children's rights advocates, corporate accountability campaigners with women's organizations, or anti-racist groups with environmental workers. Yet nuclear radiation hurts children most, women are the first victims of corporate abuses, and industrial pollution is concentrated in communities of color. It's all one struggle, and we need to make those bonds that will allow the strength of our numbers to show itself. The first step is to write for information from the organizations that already exist and are ready to work with you.

Many thanks to all of you who have enabled such a great list of people to take part in our program. With your continued support, the world's only progressive shortwave talk radio program will be able to expand this list to even greater heights.

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