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Timeline of Far Right Activity

by Brad Heavner, April 1996


October 31, 1993, Reno, NV

The Bureau of Land Management building is bombed, causing major damage to the roof.

September, 1994

A Missouri highway patrolman is shot to avenge the arrest of an anti-government activist.

October 29, 1994, Washington, DC

Martin Duran opens fire on the White House in an attempt to assassinate President Bill Clinton.

October, 1994

After Karen Mathews, a county recorder in northern California, told an area resident that she lacked the authority to dismiss a charge against him, she finds a pipe bomb under her car.

March, 1995

Two members of the Minnesota Patriots Council are convicted on charges of planning to use a lethal biological poison called Ricin to kill federal employees and law enforcement agents.

March 30, 1995, Carson City, NV

A pipe bomb damages the U.S. Forest Service office.

April 19, 1995, Oklahoma City, OK

The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building is bombed with 4800 pounds of an ammonium nitrate and fuel oil mixture (ANFO). 168 people, including 19 children, are killed in the blast, and one nurse is later killed in the rescue effort.

April, 1995

Federal agents uncover a plot by Michael Gray, who reportedly has ties with Aryan Nations, to blow up the U.S. courthouse in Spokane, WA, with a fertilizer bomb.

June, 1995

Police officer Matt May stops motorist Michael H. Hill, who is driving with a homemade license plate that reads "MILITIA." Officer May shoots and kills Hill when he allegedly pulls a .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun. Hill is a member of the Unorganized Militia of Ohio.

August 4, 1995, Carson City, NV

A pipe bomb destroys the car of Guy Pence, Forest Service Deputy Director.

November 11,1995, Muskogee, OK

Four extremists are arrested for plotting to bomb the offices of the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. Ray Lampley, one of the four, is found to be the leader of the Oklahoma Constitutional Militia.
"God won't be mad at us," Lampley says. "He will probably reward us."

November, 1995, Opelika, AL

A package bomb explodes in the trunk of a car across the street from a retired ATF agent. A note is found, saying "Alabama to unite against the ATF conspiracy." Mike Schnatterly, an Episcopalian priest, is injured by flying nails.

December 7 , 1995, Fayetteville, NC

A black couple is murdered in a racially motivated attack by three Army soldiers involved in racist organizations from nearby Fort Bragg.

December 18, 1995, Reno, NV

A 30-gallon plastic drum filled with ANFO mixture is found outside the IRS building. The detonating device had failed.


April 8, 1994, Darby, MT

Calvin Greenup calls supporters to his ranch in defense of a suspected raid, telling them to bring guns and be prepared to shoot law enforcement officers. They lay down plans to hang all people they say are guilty of treason throughout the state. In their late night escape to Idaho four days later, they vow to shoot any officers they encounter.

January, 1995, Garfield County, MT

Bill Stanton leads a group of "freemen" who post a notice of a bounty of $1 million for Garfield County Attorney Nick Murnion. Stanton tells Murnion that he would be charged, prosecuted, sentenced, and then hung from a bridge.

April 28, 1995, Roundup, MT

Frank Ellena orders Musselshell County Justice of the Peace Robert Mihalovich, who was to hear an arms violation case against him, to appear before his own makeshift court, warning him: "Proceed at your own peril."

July, 1995, Columbus, OH

Jon Spahr, Chairman of the Ohio Judicial Conference, receives an anonymous call saying that citizens had lost at the jury box and the ballot box, so the only thing left "is the cartridge box."

December 14, 1995, Osage, AR

Stewart Waterhouse, lieutenant colonel of the 7th Division United States Constitutional Militia, threatens retaliation against the Muskogee County Jail if Willie Ray Lampley is mistreated. "We have already authorized any and all militia units in or around the area of Oklahoma to take any action necessary (within the laws and customs of war) to protect militia interests in this matter."


"How many of your agents will be sent home in body bags before you hear the pleas of the people?" - Joe Holland, to Montana Attorney General, December 20, 1994.

"Go up and look legislators in the face, because some day you may be forced to blow it off." - Samuel Sherwood, leader of the U.S. Militia Association, March 2, 1995

"We have a militia of 10,000, and if we can't beat you at the ballot box, we'll beat you with a bullet." - Unidentified man to Ellen Gray, an official with the Pilchuck Audubon Society in Washington

"Yes, the militia are involved. They are the last resort of enforcement for the common-law courts." - Bill Ellwood, acting chief justice of Our One Supreme Court, a citizens' "court" in Columbus, OH

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