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Peace Journalism and Progressive Media Through Radio Course

at the Institute of Progressive Communications
in collaboration with Radio For Peace International

An intensive 4-week course with optional Spanish component
based at the RFPI studios in Costa Rica

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Living Arrangements | The Setting | Costs | How To Enroll



Week 1: Introduction to RFPI; station staff, structure, system, equipment.

Week 2: Interview and recording techniques.

Week 3: Digital editing and production skills.

Week 4: Individual projects towards development of portfolio.


Week 1: Mainstream media ownership, issues and content, history of independent, shortwave and community media and regulation (US, Canada, Britain, Costa Rica and Central America).

Week 2: History of the far right and extremism in radio; shortwave hate radio, internet hate groups, regulation and monitoring of hate media.

Week 3: Research techniques, finding progressive news, under-reported events, critical reading skills, use of language, cross-cultural reporting.

Week 4: Individual projects towards development of portfolio.


  • Each learner will be assigned a host family in Costa Rica and will live in the family home

  • This is an outcome based program utilizing experiential learning techniques in a multi-cultural team-based learning environment

  • Classes will be held in the facilities of IPC at Radio For Peace International

  • Classes will be held in English

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2003 Session Dates

  • Session 6: August 25th - September 19th
  • Session 7: September 29th - October 24th

2004 Session Dates

  • Session 1: January 5th - January 30th
  • Session 2: April 5th - April 30th
  • Session 3: May 31st - June 25th
  • Session 4: July 5th - July 30th
  • Session 5: August 9th - September 3rd
  • Session 6: October 12 - November 5th

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The cost per student including all classes, materials, 3 meals daily, lodging, laundry, transportation and special events including a welcoming party and graduation ceremony is U.S. $1,700.

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How to Enroll

To enroll in the program you must complete the IPC registration form and return it with a $200 deposit (non-refundable) in the form of a personal or cashier's check payable to Radio For Peace International or international wire transfer. Checks must be sent to the following address: IPC, c/o RFPI, P.O. Box 3165, Newberg, OR  97132-3165, USA. Payment of the balance must be made in full on the first day of the program in the form of a personal check, traveler's checks, or cash. We accept credit card payments, but a 6.0% fee must be added. Please read the general terms of our program before enrolling.

Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send out a confirmation of attendance in addition to a guide for preparing your trip -- full of information that will help you.

IPC Class Spring 1999

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Living Arrangements

IPC provides the opportunity to live with a family in a small town in Costa Rica and experience daily life in the community. The host families provide two prepared meals (breakfast and dinner) and a snack lunch, a private room and laundry service. An important part of the cultural exchange takes place through interaction with the family members.

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The Setting

RFPI is located in El Rodeo, a rural area just a few minutes drive from Ciudad Colón through picturesque coffee plantations. The El Rodeo nature preserve is unique because it represents a transition between the climates of the Pacific and the Atlantic, thus containing characteristics of both environments. There are more than 200 varieties of trees, an enormous quantity of plants, some of them in danger of extinction, as well as the animal diversity that has made Costa Rica famous worldwide.

Costa Rica is situated on the Central American isthmus and is characterized by decades of strong social movements. Since the 1948 liberal revolution, Costa Rica developed a process of stable electoral democracy, social reform and demilitarization.

Central Valley Seen From the RFPI

Ciudad Colón is a tranquil community (population approximately 10,000) located 15 miles west of the capital city of San José in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. However, when one wants to get to the city it is just a short bus ride on the very reliable public bus system.

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All proceeds from IPC are used for the broadcasting operations of RFPI.

For more information contact:
Institute of Progressive Communications
Tel: 011-506-249-1821
Fax: 011-506-249-1095

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