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With the Republican party being infiltrated and often dominated by "Christian Conservatives"; with the effects of Clinton's "neo-liberal" economic policies (such as NAFTA) on the average American income; with a resurgence of nationalistic, ethnic, and religion-based conflict in countries around the globe; and with a general shift rightward on the political spectrum, it seems that hate speech, exclusionist principles, militancy, and good ol' fashioned white supremacy are enjoying a revival these days.

In keeping with the general efforts of Radio For Peace International to develop a greater awareness of these trends, and the specific efforts of the Far Right Radio Review/Global Community Forum to expose right-wing hate groups on short-wave and in the mass media for what they are, we present the Far Right Web Review -- serving up a veritable smorgasbord of racist spew, "Christian" fringe dogma, and lunatic conspiracy hysteria.

Close scrutiny is encouraged, but we caution you against partaking. Certainly there's a nugget of truth to be found at all of these sites, but most of what is offered is highly toxic to the soul. 

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Far Right Programs, Personalities, and Groups on Short-wave

  • Christian Identity leader Pete Peters is on the air every evening with his Scriptures for America Worldwide program. Check the site for airtimes. (Jews, blacks, Asians, Native Americans, and homosexuals not welcome.)
  • Scriptures for America also has an ftp site.
  • WRNO is the only station that will touch the race war dreaming of American Dissident Voices , produced by William Pierce's National Alliance and National Vanguard Books. You can find them on the air Saturday evening and Sunday morning.
  • National Alliance ftpsite -- At the moment, not working
  • National Alliance mirror
  • Dave Barley, suspected of inspiring recent bombings, runs America's Promise Ministries at his Lord's Covenant Church in Sandpoint, Idaho. WHRI carries his weekly radio sermon.
  • Bo Gritz teaches paramilitary training sessions, manages a separatist colony in Idaho, and rants on the airwaves every day with his Freedom Calls program.
  • Kurt Saxon says the end is near. Prepare yourself to survive it. Includes a list of other Survivalist sites. Kurt is heard M, W, F on WWCR hawking back issues to the Poor Man's James Bond, the Survivor, and U.S. Militia.
  • Former Phoenix policeman Jack McLamb is on WHRI each night recruiting active duty police officers and military personnel to the militias on the Jack McLamb Program. He is also the leader of Police Against the New World Order.
  • Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, broadcasts live each weekday afternoon on WWCR.
  • Ernst Zundel's Voice of Freedom has been pulled from every station that has carried it, but he's active at the Zundelsite trying to erase the Holocaust and other Nazi atrocities.
  • One of the stations carrying this programming, WWCR, calls itself World-Wide Christian Radio.
  • Hear RealAudio clips of lunacy recorded from short-wave at Peter Bell's Homepage

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Racist and Proud

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"Patriots" who want to tear the country apart

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Deny Nazi genocide

Close the borders

Label everyone a communist

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2nd Amendment activists too often mix with reactionary politics and become blinded by their own cause

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Fortunately, we are not alone in speaking out against organized racism and reactionary violence

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Active Faith

  • If you are concerned about the bigotry and reactionary politics of the Christian Coalition et al, find out about the Interfaith Alliance.
  • If you are concerned about the Interfaith Alliance's work toward tolerance and social justice, go to the Christian Coalition. You decide.

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